by William Graney

Life is idyllic for the Martin family until a drunk driver crosses their path and four year old Missy is killed in the accident.  The young girl’s parents mourn their daughter’s death in very different ways. Sherry is intent on vengeance while Levi tries to deal with the trauma on a cross-country road trip.

As a comet is about to pass by Earth, the people of who live in Mountaintop learn that their location will be perfect for viewing the icy orb.  The quirky residents gather together with their telescopes to gaze at the comet and have a party, unaware that the comet will be bringing revelations.

During a jaunt to Tijuana with his buddies in 1970, Randy “Scout” Monroe was looking forward to a day of partying while on summer break from college. The day takes a turn for the worse when a drug deal goes bad and Scout ends up in a rogue prison cell for the next five years.

When Grace Harridge turns fifty years old on New Year’s Day in the year 2000, she expects the upcoming new year to be as uneventful and lonely as those that preceded it, but there are some unexpected surprises in store. After falling in love, Grace finds out that a serial killer has been released from custody and she fears that she will be the next target.

Mountain Time was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards.

A series of life-altering events are set into motion when cosmic calling cards are sent from a small town library and a former resident is notified that she is overdue. When Michelle returns to her hometown of Mountaintop, she discovers a unique crystal cave, which leads to the legend of a secret society.

The Ways of Autumn was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2018 Human Relations Indie Book Awards.

The misty sea spray caressing Catherine’s face portends the unclear path ahead as she contemplates the beginning of her new life in California. Her ten-year journey will include a new relationship, a trek to the highest summit in the contiguous United States, and a poignant hospice experience that will challenge her to rise from the ashes of despair.

Named as a Notable Indie in Shelf Magazine’s 2019 Best Indie Book Awards

In the year 2052, governing entities throughout the United States are dominated by the far right Christian Law Party. The president begins to implement a gradual plan for the establishment of one-party rule. For those who are committed to democracy, the only hope on the horizon comes from Angie Branson, the presidential nominee for the obscure Science Party. The town of Mountaintop  provides the setting for the events prophesied in Mountain Time.

A Mapmaker’s Dream was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2021 Human Relations Indie Book Awards.

Professor Will Stokes wonders if he is losing his mind when he gives up everything he’s worked for his entire adult life to search for a silver chalice that was drawn onto a map by a great grandfather during a fever-dream in the 1790s. A series of visions leads Will to the secret location where the map was hidden decades earlier. With both his ancestor’s map and his internal map to guide him, Will treks deep into the Rocky Mountains, and to alternate realms, with the goal of drinking from the silver chalice.

Named as an Honorable Mention in Shelf Magazine’s 2021 Best Indie Book Awards

In the year 2076, the members of a secret society fulfilled a sacred mandate when they departed the earthly realm.  One person, Camille Lyons, stayed behind to pave the way for the next incarnation of the society.  After serving as a search and rescue officer in the Coast Guard, Camille returned to her hometown of Mountaintop to work as a wilderness guide and to protect the vulnerable from violent extremists.

An introvert with a passion for books and chess is about to be lured from his daily routines and into a swirling maze of intrigue and romance.

After glancing outside while working late on a rainy Sunday night, Sam Halley sees the silhouette of a woman through the misty window. She is smoking a cigarette while casually leaning against a streetlight. Sam decides to investigate why she is standing alone in the dark, seemingly oblivious to the cold drizzle. In his mind, the world shifts from color to black and white as he approaches the mysterious woman. It feels as though he is slipping into a bygone era. Her appearance, highlighted by a fedora, trench coat, and a pearl necklace, holds him spellbound. Unknown to Sam, as he continues crossing the street, an invitation to join a treasure hunt for an ancient manuscript worth millions of dollars awaits.

Named as a Notable Release in Shelf Magazine’s 2023 Best Indie Book Awards

The Eyes That Bind is a gripping novel that follows the lives of Jason and Tina, a young couple on the verge of starting their adult lives. A life-changing twist occurs when they take an evening stroll on the Manhattan Beach (CA) pier. Jason’s dreams are shattered when Tina rejects his marriage proposal by turning her back on him and walking away.

Alternating chapters provide fascinating insights into Jason’s and Tina’s lives over the next forty years, from 1982 through 2022. As their paths nearly cross on several occasions, the two young people mature as adults in the face of numerous obstacles.

As Tina and Jason search for their unique destinies, they face a swirling maze of difficult choices while trying to achieve their elusive goals.


Words of Wonder

Six connected short stories that explore many of themes found in William Graney’s Mountaintop series. Spoiler Alert: One of the stories is a continuation of the novel The Ways of Autumn.

Tupie’s Diner

In this short story, a new character in the novel Mountain Time is introduced.