Local Authors

At Adventure Ink, we take great pride in presenting the extraordinary creations of our community’s gifted writers. Our collection spans diverse genres such as historical fiction, true crime, and philosophical fiction, offering readers an opportunity to delve into the intricate tapestries of the human mind and experience captivating narratives.

Local Author William Graney

William Graney

From the heart of the Los Padres National Forest to the boundless realms of imagination, William Graney has captivated us with tales that weave through the root of adventure, mystery, and the subtle beauty of the human spirit.

A true artisan of the written word, William embarked on his literary voyage by penning his first novel amidst the natural beauty surrounding him.

As we eagerly await the fall of 2024 for the release of his twelfth novel, “A Fierce Jewel,” be sure to grab a copy of his two latest books. “Pearls in the Rain” and “The Eyes That Bind.”

Wayne Diehl

Wayne Diehl has always had a passion for writing. After graduating from California State University, Northridge, in 1979, he faced family and financial obligations that altered his writing and teaching dreams, but he never gave up on his passion.

Today, Wayne has completed four more novels, each dedicated to his succeeding grandchildren. His latest work, “Thunder,” is inspired by a true story and takes place in the fictional mountain town of Pinewood.

Wayne is currently working on a sequel to his historical novel, “Loyal Son.” Wayne’s story is a powerful reminder that if you have a passion, you should never give up on it. Even if it takes 25 years to finally commit to it, the result will be worth it in the end.

Local Author Wayne Diehl
Local Author J. Andre Boles

J. Andre Boles

Ex-Cop, Ex-Lawyer, and True Crime Writer Andre’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. From his early days as an oilfield roughneck and ranch hand to commanding tanks in the US Army, driving buses, and stepping into the ring as an amateur boxer, Andre has lived a life full of adventure and challenges.

In 2017, he ventured into the world of true crime writing, publishing his first novel that dives deep into the heart of crime and justice. His storytelling didn’t stop there; a second gripping book followed in 2019, exploring the complexities of crime and injustice. And the good news? A third masterpiece is on its way.